Veteran Employment Services

Veteran Employment Services

Intensive Individualized Employment Services for Eligible Veterans and Spouses. 

Located within Michigan Works! American Job Centers, Veterans Career Advisors (VCA) provide intensive and individualized employment services to eligible veterans and spouses with significant barriers to employment. The VCA provides intensive one-on-one services designed to assist eligible veterans and spouses in reducing or eliminating barriers to employment. These services include, but are not limited to, resume development, interviewing skills, housing assistance,  transportation assistance, additional education, training opportunities, networking and direct referral to other service providers.

For more information: Veterans Employment Service Flyer

Veterans Priority Of Service 

Veterans with at least one day of active military service and eligible spouses are eligible to receive Priority of Service. Priority of Service Veterans and Eligible Spouses have the right to take precedence over a non-covered person in obtaining all employment and training services funded, in whole or part, through Department of Labor (DOL). If you are a veteran or eligible spouse, please identify yourself as such to the Michigan Works! Service Center staff. For additional information on Priority of Service, call 517-492-5536.

For more information: The Department of Labor & Economic Oppurtunity- Veteran Services


INVESTVets aims to improve employment outcomes for those who have served in our nation's Armed Forces and their families in Michigan by eliminating cultural barriers and empowering veterans.

Established in July 2015 as the employment pillar of the Lansing Area Veterans Coalition, INVESTVets has focused on the most significant barrier to veterans’ employment: the military-civilian cultural gap.

This community-based organization connects employers with veteran and military talent by offering activities that reduce the high expectations and stress that are common with traditional job fairs. Comprising of stakeholders from private and public organizations and agencies, the INVESTVets network includes more than 250 employers throughout Michigan.

For more information and upcoming events: Invest Vets