Expungement Information

For the latest information about expungement legislation and upcoming events

Please visit the state of Michigan’s expungement assistance webpage.


Additional guidance and resources related to pursing the expungement of eligible convictions can be found at www.michiganlegalhelp.org

Their checklist is a great resource for self-service expungements!

For individuals seeking legal counselLegal Services of South Central Michigan may be able to provide additional support.


You may have read about the Clean Slate Program

The Clean Slate (CSP) program is designed to coordinate with, and in support of, the recently enacted Clean Slate laws in Michigan. The Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, Workforce Development (LEO-WD) has implemented the CSP Program to assist Returning Citizens in expunging eligible convictions from their criminal record to aid them in their pursuit of full-time, self-sufficient employment.

Due to the overwhelming response and with the Clean Slate Program ended on March 31, 2023, Capital Area Michigan Works! is no longer enrolling new participants.