New American Resources

New American Resources 

Supporting Refugees

Are you a refugee who has lived in the United States for less than five years? St. Vincent Catholic Charities is helping Capital Area refugees during COVID 19 with over the phone interpretation support. Contact STVCC to complete unemployment applications, MIBridges applications, and job applications. For those who want to practice virtual ESL contact sends e-mail).​

Practicing English

Interested in practicing English during COVID-19? Refugee Development Center is offering virtual  English to Adult English Language Learners. Come meet a friendly and welcoming group of newcomers. Please feel free to email sends e-mail).​

Youth Mentorship

Do you have a newcomer teen who could benefit from a cool, creative, and engaging mentoring program?  If so, contact the Refugee Development Center via email at sends e-mail). ​

Understanding COVID 19

Do you have questions about COVID 19? For questions about the Coronavirus please contact the hotline by calling 888-535-6136 or by emailing sends e-mail). Stay at home as much as possible during this period. If your life is in danger, seek medical attention immediately.  

Understanding COVID 19 in alternate languages

Are you having trouble understanding how navigate through this crisis? Your questions can be answered with these resources which have been translated into alternate languages by the State of Michigan. There are also fact sheets on the Coronavirus available in alternate languages from the CDC.,9753,7-406-98178_98541---,00.html

Locating Food

Are you looking for food for your family? Your family can have nutritious meals during the COVID 19 crisis and during the summer through the Summer Food Service Program. Use this site to identify a location that is providing food to your neighborhood.

Claiming Unemployment Insurance

Are you unemployed? You may be eligible for unemployment benefits.These benefits are intended to provide you temporary income while you look for a new job during the COVID 19 crisis. You must file your claim immediately after you lose your job.

Counseling for Housing

Are you worried about paying for rent or utilities? During the COVID-19 crisis, you can receive free rental counseling by calling 517-332-4663 to schedule a virtual appointment. You can discuss your housing options and plans with the Capital Area Housing Partnership.

Needing Internet

Do you need internet and a computer? It’s difficult to manage the COVID-19 crisis with just a phone. See if you and your family are eligible for affordable internet and a computer through Internet Essentials by Comcast. Having these tools will be a big help to you and your family.

Applying for Public Benefits

The MI Bridges website will allow you to apply for healthcare coverage, cash assistance, food assistance, childcare and emergency relief. Utilizing this website is the best way to manage your case and explore resources during the COVID-19 crisis.

Completing the 2020 Census

Are you a newcomer who needs help completing the 2020 Census? Your questions can be answered by with following directions which have been translated into multiple languages. Be counted and complete the 2020 Census.