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Workforce leaders: Demands for talent intensify

Jul 25, 2017

Capital Area Michigan Works!

Passion changes and career growth lead to Lansing entrepreneurship

Jun 7, 2017

Al Lopez never had any intention of being a business owner or inventor.

Keeping up with the times: A look into Lansing's constantly evolving manufacturing industry

May 1, 2017

Ensuring the strength and viability of Lansing’s manufacturing economy means adapting to rapid changes in consumer demand, means of production, distribution, technology and more. 

small businesses in michigan

Michigan's labor pool stronger, small businesses say

Feb 22, 2017

LANSING – The majority of small business owners and chief executives are satisfied with Michigan’s labor pool after years of saying they struggled to find qualified employees after the Great Recession.

camw workshop event

Lansing region prepares 21st century workforce with job skills

Feb 7, 2017

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unfilled jobs in the greater Lansing region, a combination of low pay, part-time positions as well as plenty of high paying, lifetime career jobs begging for applicants and an array of services and support groups to help workers land them.

Jobs for America's Michigan Graduates

Jan 2, 2017

Jeffrey Mosher talks with Katy Timmer, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Specialist at Potterville High School.

student learning soft skills

Soft Skills eLearning series aids job seeker, employers

Dec 9, 2016

Employers or managers recruiting new talent likely have a laundry list of hard skills and attributes wanted in their next employee. However, employers need to look beyond “hard skills” such as education and years of experience.

tutoring students

Future Generations

Nov 18, 2016

As the baby boomer generation exits the workforce, it’s vital for companies to mold the next generation of workers now to keep businesses growing.