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Monday, November 23, 2020 - 8:00am

Business Resource Network Membership is Currently Open

The Business Resource Network at Capital Area Michigan Works! understands employment needs and trends in the tri-county region. The BRN team works daily with member employers to address these needs and provide resources to develop solutions geared toward employee retention.

Targeted services to employer members working with a BRN Coach aim to successfully remove barriers to your employees that may affect successful retention while providing pathways out of poverty for those facing obstacles to employment success.

The long-term goal of the BRN initiative is to improve employee retention for BRN member employers, which will boost productivity along with growth opportunities within their organization. This flyer provides you a glance of the valuable services membership in the BRN can bring.

BRN Employer Flyer

Pathway to success

The Business Resource Network at Capital Area Michigan Works! is dedicated to not only helping you be more successful in your workplace, but also to develop skills to become more self-sufficient and effective in your personal life.

Sometimes life interferes with your workplace success. Barriers such as affordable and dependable transportation, lack of child care and other unexpected obstacles prevent you from doing your best. BRN Coaches will work with you to overcome these barriers as well as how to develop skills in the workplace that make you a better team player that lead to advancement in your job.

The Business Resource Network is a member only service. If you’re interested in receiving the services of a BRN Coach, then please reach out to your HR department and see if your employer is a member of the network. If your employer isn’t a member of the business resource network please have a representative of your employer contact 517-492-5533.

BRN Employee Flyer

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