Arthritis Care of Lansing

Business Owner
Arthritis Care of Lansing employee
​“I love and believe in what I’m doing now - I think I’m finally on the right track after many mishaps.”

As practice manager of Arthritis Care in Lansing, Sara Morrison wears many hats - cheerleader, mom and coach. But perhaps her most important role has been miracle worker to practice owner, Dr. Carla Guggenheim.

Dr. Guggenheim hired Sara after the business experienced a roller coaster of serious challenges, finding one another through Capital Area Michigan Works! Dr. Guggenheim worked through the Business Services Team for small business solutions and Sara was working with the agency as a job seeker after becoming unemployed after 11 years with another practice.

Richard Martin, Sara’s career coach at Capital Area Michigan Works! explains that Sara was hands-down the best candidate for the opening at Arthritis Care.

“Everything just aligned perfectly for the business and for the job seeker with Sara and Dr. Guggenheim.”

Limited to patients with arthritic and autoimmune disorders and pain syndromes, Arthritis Care experienced unique challenges as a small business run by someone with self-proclaimed ignorance, all of which Capital Area Michigan Works! was equipped to support.

“I knew nothing about running a business,” says Dr. Guggenheim. “You don’t have to be a big business for them to help you - I was looking for one employee to solve a big staffing problem and Capital Area Michigan Works! made it happen. How good is that?”

Richard understands those challenges.

“Larger companies have entire departments and staff to find solutions to problems. In this case it was just Dr. Guggenheim. She didn’t know how to interview, she didn’t know a lot about business. I think she knows a lot more now - she’s more confident and I think she’s doing a great job.”

With the addition of Sara to the team and the help from Capital Area Michigan Works!, Dr. Guggenheim is actually excited for the future.

“I honestly wish I was in my 30s, because I’ll probably only practice for 10 or 15 more years. I love and believe in what I’m doing now - I think I’m finally on the right track after many mishaps.”