2021 Annual Report: Building an

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A Letter from the Chief Executive

Dear colleagues,

In the world and within workforce development, we face a number of inequities and barriers daily. We also recognize growing challenges exist as a result of the pandemic and intergenerational poverty. Capital Area Michigan Works! has been dedicated to reducing inequities and challenges, working to build and embrace an inclusive culture internally and ensuring that inclusivity is represented throughout all programs, community relationships and job seekers.

CAMW! is committed to uniting with partners across the region and our state to make a meaningful impact in workforce development that will live long past the pandemic. This year, our staff and partners made it a priority to ask questions, listen and learn to advance progress toward an inclusive workforce for our agency while also helping to share best practices and resources with those we work alongside in the communities we serve.

The work is far from over and, in many cases, we’ve just scratched the surface of what needs to be done. But it’s time to celebrate progress as we move into the new year and continue to embrace opportunities to grow together as an organization.

With gratitude,

Carrie Rosingana

Carrie Rosingana
Chief Executive Officer
Capital Area Michigan Works!

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2021 Year in Review


4,436 Program Participants

Food Assistance Employment
and Training (fae&T)
new americans
Clean Slate
Partnership. Accountabilty.
Training. Hope. (PATH)
Employment Service
Dislocated Workers

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Measurable Skill Gain (MSG)

Individuals who are active in the WIOA program year have participated in a WIOA supported training activity that will lead to an industry recognized credential.

Target: 47.3%
Actual: 62.5%
Target: 32.4%
Actual: 50.0%
Dislocated Worker
Target: 32.4%
Actual: 52.8%

Accessibility & Connection

Hotspots provided to wioa youth by Lansing School District
WIOA participants received assistance with offsetting the cost of internet access
Chrome books provided
Number of partners and programs highlighted in media outreach


Number of phone appointments
Remote job seeker services
and virtual appointments
Phone calls
made to AJCs
number of languages of individuals served
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Supporting Employers Addressing the Talent
Mismatch in our Region

Every year, the Business Services Team (BST) at Capital Area Michigan Works! partners with hundreds of employers in the Capital region to customize and implement recruitment strategies to attract top talent. In a year of staffing shortages and increased recruiting challenges because of the ongoing pandemic, BST staff provided support through job fair assistance and resources for employers to address training and skills needs.

The Business Resource Network (BRN) is dedicated solely to helping employers with retention efforts by providing confidential, one-on-one support to employees struggling with external impacts on their job performance, from transportation barriers to homelessness to financial planning.

Unfortunately, when the coronavirus hit in March, CAMW! had to notify participants that these programs were on pause for in-person services. Our team immediately got to work to get these programs up and running virtually for these participants.

Previously, the BRN often worked with employers in the manufacturing sector, but this year, they supported one of the largest employers in the medical community: Sparrow Health System. This addition of a health care employer, thanks to the dedication of Business Services Officer Joe Winkiel and Business Resource Coach, expands the opportunity to support a more diverse group of employers in the future.

Our team also supported employers with skilled workers through apprenticeships. Apprenticeships help develop and grow a highly skilled workforce in the region by retaining institutional knowledge that is passed on by experienced workers nearing retirement.

Jay LaNew, our Apprenticeship Success Coordinator (ASC), organized a Women in Skilled Trades Day where attendees tried hands-on construction activities, spoke with women who currently work in the trades and learned about community resources available to assist them in achieving their career goals. Partners included CAMW!, Associated General Contractors, Michigan Department of Transportation, veterans services and the construction trade unions. LaNew also participated in several career fairs and presented apprenticeship information to students at secondary education providers.

The demand for highly skilled workers only continues to rise, and those seeking work don’t always have the necessary skills to meet employers’ needs. We’re here to help employers find, recruit and retain top talent. Through the Going PRO Talent Fund, apprenticeships and our Business Resource Network, our team provided on-the-job training and education for employers to address the talent mismatch in our region.

View Empowering our Community

Empowering our Community Reaching Job Seekers
with Specialized Resources

While COVID-19 pandemic conditions presented unique challenges to workforce development, Capital Area Michigan Works! has worked to re-engage with and serve the community. Job seeker services were limited to virtual formats for most of the year, however increased outreach efforts and the adoption of virtual service mediums prevented a drop in the number of customers we served.

For the Partnership. Accountability. Training. Hope. (PATH) program, orientations and workshops were provided virtually, allowing participants to meet program requirements from the safety of their homes. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program moved to an online orientation through CAMW! Connections, and a record number of people attended. Historically, dislocated workers have been a challenging population to reach; this year, no such struggles were present, and online orientation was the driving factor.

The Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity - Workforce Development (LEO-WD), implemented the Clean Slate Program to assist returning citizens in expunging eligible convictions from their criminal record to aid them in their pursuit of full-time, self-sufficient employment. Our Clean Slate Navigator, Amirika Richardson, assists people seeking expungements to remove barriers that prevent them from reentering the workforce or sustaining employment. Since the program’s implementation in May, Richardson has created a process that ensures all enrolled clients receive valuable information, assistance or referral to the right partner to remove barriers and improve sustainability.

At CAMW!, we’re dedicated to providing specific resources for specialized populations. One of those populations is New Americans. We support refugees and immigrants — regardless of their length of stay in the U.S., immigration status or family structure — through eliminating language and cultural barriers to ensure successful transition into Michigan’s workforce by helping them find jobs and resources related to language acquisition, housing, health care, education, mental health, child care, hygiene and family development. This year, we spent much of our time helping New Americans navigate the nuances of unemployment processes — which can be challenging for the general public, and even more complicated for immigrants.

Our work supporting New Americans became particularly timely with the announcement of 300 additional refugees from Afghanistan expected to arrive within a year. We work closely with the Immigrant and Refugee Resource Collaborative, St. Vincent Catholic Charities, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Refugee Development Center to address the challenges these new arrivals will face with employment, child care and housing.

View Nurturing Partnerships

Nurturing Partnerships Working Together
to Affect Change

At Capital Area Michigan Works!, we know our partnerships make us even stronger. We value the relationships we have with community organizations and nonprofits, government entities, education partners and industry groups.

This year, our partnership with the Michigan LEO-WD led to CAMW!’s involvement in promoting Futures for Frontliners and participation in Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Sixty by 30 Talent Tour, which included virtual panels and discussions about Michigan Reconnect. LEO-WD provided the virtual platform Brazen to Michigan Works! agencies for hosting virtual hiring events at no cost to employers.

CAMW! became a statewide leader in successful virtual job fairs this year. A total of 549 job seekers attended virtual job fairs through CAMW!, with 67 participating employers. Joe Winkiel, business service officer, presented at the Michigan Works! Annual Conference and participated in calls and panels with LEO-WD and Michigan Works! agencies statewide to share strategies for successful virtual job fairs.

We know partnerships are necessary for creating a talent pipeline, so we continued to cultivate our relationships with our education partners, including the Lansing Promise, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Ingham ISD, Lansing School District, Eaton RESA, Clinton RESA, Peckham, Inc. and the Capital Area Manufacturing Council. These partnerships, among many others, allowed our Teach. Talent. Thrive. (T3) Council to participate in important conversations about education’s role in workforce development and provide guidance.

Our partnerships are at the core of who we are, and they have been integral for the people we serve — newcomers, students, returning citizens, employers, dislocated workers and everyone else who walks through our doors or logs onto our virtual services.

View Elevating our Team

Elevating our Team Committed to
Equitable Growth

The work we do in our community to serve job seekers and employers at Capital Area Michigan Works! is impactful, and we couldn’t do it without our dedicated team. This year, we grew and evolved our team in the tri-county region to ensure that services to job seekers and employers met their needs.

2021 marked Carrie Rosingana’s first full year as CEO after serving as CAMW!’s chief operating officer since 2015. Tekea Norwood, who has 16 years of experience in workforce development and previously served as CAMW!’s program compliance manager, was promoted to COO. Nick Chaffin, previously a data officer for CAMW!, is now our program compliance manager. Robert Ramon, previously part of client support services with Peckham, Inc., joined our administrative team. Amirika Richardson transitioned from our Business Resource Network to become our first clean slate navigator. And we welcomed Derek Manchip, accounting assistant.

With support from our partners at Peckham, our Clinton County American Job Center moved to a new, even more physically accessible location, and our Clinton County team worked tirelessly to make our new center welcoming and functional for all who enter the doors.

Not to mention all of the other passionate, driven staff at CAMW!. We simply couldn’t be prouder of our entire team and their dedication to serving our community.

As our team grew, we looked internally at our processes. It’s not surprising that workforce development faces a lot of inequities and barriers — and the CAMW! team has always been dedicated to addressing these injustices and biases both internally and externally. We knew if we were advocating for inclusive spaces by encouraging employers we work alongside to examine their workplace environments, hiring practices and physical spaces, we needed to do the same.

In our three-year strategic plan, developed in 2018, we committed to conducting a diversity, equity and inclusion audit to assess areas for improvement. We examined every aspect of what we do at CAMW! to determine not only what we’re doing well, but how we can improve. We looked at our physical spaces, our program materials and our external communications — including our website, social media, programmatic and employer-focused collateral, annual reports, media articles and brand standards to ensure communications materials and approaches represent diverse audiences. Along with observations of each of these areas, the audit includes recommendations for increased inclusivity and diversity. Some of those areas we’re working to improve are accessibility on our website and social media, additional resources for people who are not English speakers and using images that are more diverse in body size and age. These are direct action steps we can — and will — implement from the audit.

We’re also working on portions of our audit that aren’t tied directly to communication. This includes evaluating our American Job Center locations on a consistent basis to ensure that they are physically accommodating to people of all abilities and ensuring policies and processes consider DEI best practices as they are developed and implemented. Our hope is to continually improve to make our spaces and services always welcoming to all.

We’re proud of the progress we continue to make each year, and we’re looking forward to the ways we can continue to become even more inclusive and welcoming for all job seekers and all employers.

View Partners, Staff, and Board Members

Working together to build an inclusive culture

CAMW! Administrative Board Members:

  • Adam Hussain | Lansing City Council Member
  • Bryan Crenshaw | Ingham County Commissioner
  • David Pohl | Clinton County Commissioner
  • Jeanne Pearl-Wright| Eaton County Commissioner
  • Joseph Brehler | Eaton County Commissioner
  • Kathie Dunbar | Lansing City Council Member
  • Mayor Andy Schor | Lansing City Council Member
  • Mayor Jessy Gregg | Mayor of East Lansing
  • Peter Spadafore | Lansing City Council Member
  • Robert Showers | Clinton County Commissioner
  • Ryan Sebolt | Ingham County Commissioner
  • Victor Celentino | Ingham County Commissioner

CAMW! Workforce Development Board Members:

  • Bob Trezise | Lansing Area Economic Partnership
  • Chris Holman | Michigan Business Network
  • Edith Suttles | Diversified Environmental Services Inc.
  • Jamie Lovelace | SOM Clinton and Eaton County Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Jane Doty | H&H Restaurants
  • Jane Mitchell | Jungle Jane Promotions
  • Janet Lillie, Ph.D. | Michigan State University
  • Jim Dravenstatt-Moceri | IBEW Local 352, Greater Lansing Labor Council AFL-CIO
  • Joseph Brehler | Attorney at Law
  • Karen Kafantaris | AARP Michigan
  • Mary Riley | AF Group
  • Matt Schneider | UAW Local 652
  • Paula Cunningham | AARP Michigan
  • Rebecca Bahar-Cook | Capital Fundraising Associates
  • Rey Guzman | SOM Labor Economic Opportunity/Workforce Development
  • Robert Proctor | Lansing Community College
  • Sandra Pearson | Habitat for Humanity of Michigan
  • Sergio Keck | Lansing School District
  • Shelly Neal | Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Sherry Pfaff-Doody, SPHR | Sparrow Health System
  • Su A’lyn Holdbrook | SOM Ingham County Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Tom Ruis | PNC
  • William Brewer II | Global Business Resource Group
  • William Kimble | C2AE

CAMW! Administrative Staff Members:

  • Amanda Johnson | Business Resource Coach
  • Amirika Richardson | Clean Slate Navigator
  • Becky Powers | Chief Financial Officer
  • Carrie Rosingana | Chief Executive Officer
  • Debbie Sight | Grants Officer
  • Derek Manchip | Accounting Assistant
  • D’Laney Conner-Wellman | Employment Specialist
  • Ellen Russell | Receptionist/Employment Specialist
  • Emma Selby | Communications Assistant
  • Erin McKenzie | Business Services Officer
  • Ezatullah Shamszai | Emploment Specialist
  • Genell Dorty | Employment Services Manager
  • J. Moore | T3 Education Officer
  • Jay LaNew | Business Services Officer/Apprenticeships
  • Joe Winkiel | Business Services Officer/Healthcare & IT
  • Jordan Davis | Executive Director/CAITC
  • Kayla Schultz | Employment Specialist
  • Norean Saul | Employment Specialist
  • Nick Chaffin | Program Compliance Manager
  • Ray Trevino | Employment Specialist/TAA
  • Robert Ramon | Executive Assistant
  • Stephanie Witgen | Employment Specialist
  • Tekea Norwood | Chief Operating Officer
  • Teri Sand | Business Services Manager
  • Tyler Wysong | Chief Information Officer

CAMW! Partners/On-Site Partners

  • AARP Foundation
  • Capital Area Information Technology Council (CAITC)
  • Capital Area Michigan Works Administration Offices
  • Disability Appeals Advocates LLC
  • DRM International Learning Center
  • Lansing Community College
  • Lansing School District
  • Peckham, Inc.
  • Potterville School District
  • State of Michigan: LEO Veterans Employment Services
  • State of Michigan: Michigan Rehabilitation Services

T3 Council Members:

  • Amy Busch | Roberts Cinto
  • Arnold Weinfeld | Michigan State University
  • Bob Trezise | Lansing Area Economic Partnership
  • Chris Holman | Michigan Business Network
  • Cindy Anderson | ERESA
  • Cindy Kangas | Capital Area Manufacturing Council
  • David Pohl | Clinton County Commissioner
  • Teri Bernero | Lansing School District
  • Dennis Theis | Maner Costerisan
  • Edith Suttles | Diversified Environmental Services
  • Jamie Engel | Ingham Intermediate School District
  • Jane Doty | H&H Restaurants
  • Jason Mellema | Ingham Intermediate School District
  • Jason Benson | Case Credit Union
  • Jay Ediger | Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan
  • Jennifer Branch | Clinton County Educational Center
  • Jennifer Roster | Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan
  • Kathleen A. Szuminski | Eaton RESA
  • Kellie Dean | Dean Transportation
  • Lory Thayer | Mid-Michigan MiSTEM
  • Mark Alley | Emergent BioSolutions
  • Matt Hedberg | Right at Home Mid-Michigan
  • Michael Flowers | Lansing Board of Water and Light
  • Michele Strasz | Capital Area College Access Network
  • Rey Guzman | SOM Labor Economic Opportunity/Workforce Development
  • Sagar Sheth | Moebius Technologies
  • Scott Duimstra | Capital Area District Library
  • Shelly Neal | Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Sherry Pfaff-Doody, SPHR | Sparrow Health System
  • Teresa Kmetz | Capital Area United Way
  • Tim Damon | Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Toni Glasscoe | Lansing Community College


  • 10 Reps to Freedom LLC
  • A Wright Facility Management; 917 Chittock St LLC
  • A-1 Mechanical
  • Accessiversity
  • Ace Ride Med Trans
  • Advance ABA Care
  • Advance Employment
  • Advanced Pool Services
  • Advanced Sleep Diagnostic of MI
  • Aerotek Staffing
  • AF Group
  • Agape Building & Restoration
  • Agate Software Inc.
  • AGC of Michigan (Associated General Contractors)
  • Ageatia Global Solutions
  • Agile Tech Labs
  • Air Lift Company
  • Aire Serv
  • Airgas Great Lakes
  • Ajay & G Jeet Associates (formerly Ajay Badhwar & Associates)
  • Alliance Interiors LLC
  • Allied Universal
  • Alumni Hall
  • Amazon
  • American Plumbing Contractors Inc.
  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)
  • Am-Rail Construction Inc.
  • Angla Contracting
  • Anthony’s Cleaning Company
  • Apco Inc.
  • Applebee’s Okemos/TSFR Apple Venture LLC
  • Application Insight LLC
  • Applied Imaging
  • April Fresh Carpet Cleaning
  • Arcosa Shoring Products Inc.
  • Arts Council of Greater Lansing
  • Ashley Homestore Furniture
  • Asplundh Tree
  • Asppire of Mid Michigan
  • Autokiniton (formerly L&W Engineering)
  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company
  • Avancez (Android Industries LLC)
  • B&L Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning
  • Ballard Cleaning Service
  • Bango Gifts
  • Bannasch Welding
  • Barnes Aerospace
  • Bean Management
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Bernal LLC
  • Best One Fleet Service of Lansing; Jam Best One
  • Biggby Coffee Corporate/Global Orange Development
  • BKD
  • Boys and Girls Club of Lansing
  • Bridgewater Interiors LLC
  • Brookdale Meridian-Senior Living
  • Brown’s Painting & Services
  • BRP/Manitou Boats
  • Builders’ Hardware Co.
  • BuilderTrend
  • Bull Janitorial
  • Burcham Hills Retirement Community
  • C2AE/Capital Consultants
  • Cameron Tool Corporation
  • Campus Advantage
  • Capital Area College Access Network
  • Capital Area IT Council
  • Capital Area Manufacturing Council (CAMC)
  • Capital Area Transportation Authority
  • Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA)
  • Capital Region Airport Authority
  • Capital Steel & Wire
  • Capitol National Bank
  • Cardinal Staffing
  • Career Quest Learning Centers
  • Carefree Medical And Dental Inc.
  • Caring Animal Hospital
  • Carite
  • Carolyn’s Care Home
  • CASE Credit Union (main office)
  • Caterpillar Corner Child Care
  • CBI Rehabiliation Services Inc.
  • Central State Community Services/Coleman House
  • CentralStar Cooperative (formerly Northstar)
  • Chandra Engineers
  • Christian Insurance Group
  • Christman Constructors Inc.
  • Cintas Corporation
  • City of East Lansing
  • City of Lansing
  • City of Potterville
  • Clean Investment Inc.
  • Clean Team
  • Clinton County Catalyst (formerly CC Economic Alliance)
  • Clinton Machine Inc.
  • Clinton Transit (formerly Clinton Area Transit System)
  • COG Marketers/AgroLiquid
  • Comcast Cable
  • Commercial Consulting and Appraisal Services LLC
  • Community Mental Health (CMH)
  • Community Mental Health Board Association
  • Complete Enclosures Inc.
  • Computer Aided Technology (CATI)
  • Conrad’s Grill/Conrad’s III LLC
  • Consolidated Electrical Contractors
  • Core-Mark
  • Coronado Gardens
  • CorrChoice (formerly Michigan Packaging Mason)
  • County Journal
  • CSL Plasma
  • CSL Plasma — West Lansing
  • D Squared Facilities Management
  • Dairy Farmers of America/Country Fresh
  • Dakkota Integrated Systems LLC
  • Dan Henry Distributing Co.
  • Dart Bank
  • Dart Container Corporation
  • Davenport Masonry
  • David M. Johnson & Associates LLC
  • Davis Auto Mart/Davis Pontiac Buick GMC
  • Dazzle Cleaning Service
  • DC Engineering
  • Dean Transportation & Dean Trailways of MI
  • Del Rio Solutions
  • DeLaval Inc.
  • Delhi Charter Township
  • Delivery.com
  • Dewpoint
  • Dimondale Nursing Care Center
  • Disability Network — Capital Area
  • Dish Network
  • DK Security
  • DNV GL
  • Doberman Technologies LLC
  • Doerr Real Estate
  • Dowding Industries
  • DR Electronic Systems LLC
  • Dr. Hina Shah
  • DriverSource
  • DRM International Learning Center
  • Duckett Brothers Distributing Inc.
  • Eagle Monk Pub & Brewery
  • Earth Tones Landscaping
  • Earthcom Inc.
  • East Lansing Lodging/University Quality Inn
  • Eaton County Health & Rehabilitation Services
  • Eaton County RESA
  • Effective Safety Pro Company
  • EG Workforce Solutions (formerly Employment Group)
  • EJ USA
  • Elara Healthcare
  • Elderly Instruments
  • Elite Logistics Services
  • Elite Parking
  • EM Services
  • Emergent BioSolutions
  • Endurance Logistics LLC
  • ENG
  • EnovaPremier LLC
  • Enprotech Industrial Technologies
  • Enterprise Logistics Solutions
  • ERMC Total Facility Services (Meridian Mall)
  • Everything is Cheesecake
  • Executive Living
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • F.D. Hayes Electric
  • Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
  • Family Farm & Home
  • Fast Finance Auto Sales
  • Feighner Lifts & Docks
  • Ferguson Enterprises
  • Fibertec Environmental Services
  • First National Bank and Acceptance/FNB of America
  • FirstLight Homecare
  • Fleetwood Diner
  • Flexible Staffing
  • Fountain of Wisdom and Hope Group Counseling Practice
  • Franchino Mold and Engineering
  • Franklin Energy Services LLC
  • Fraunhofer USA, Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies
  • Freight Handlers Inc (FHI)
  • G&G Tax Service
  • G.A. Hunt Excavating; GA Hunt Septic Service
  • G4S USA (formerly G4S Secure Solutions)
  • GC Services
  • General Equipment Maintenance and Language LLC
  • George F. Eyde Family LLC
  • Gestamp Mason LLC
  • Glynn Farms LLC
  • GO Destination Services
  • GoldenSpear
  • Goodwill Industries
  • GPM Investments (Admiral)
  • Granger Construction
  • Granger III & Associates
  • Gravity Works Design
  • Great Harvest Bread Company in Okemos (Ulrich Family Bakeries)
  • Great Lakes Christian Homes
  • Great Lakes Window Cleaning
  • Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Green Point Consulting
  • Grenon Enterprises
  • Groovy Donuts
  • Gunnisonville Meadows Assisted Living
  • H&H Welding and Repair
  • H.A. Eckhart
  • H2O Cleaning Pros
  • Habitat for Humanity Capital Region
  • Hager Fox Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Ha-Jon Inc. dba Jon Anthony Florist
  • Harmony Logistics
  • Hayhoe Asphalt
  • Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor
  • Heavens Hired Hand dba The RFC Group
  • Helping Hands Christian Learning Center
  • Helping Women Period.
  • High Grade Materials
  • Holiday Retirement
  • Holt & Dimondale Insurance Agency
  • Holt Plumbing
  • Holt Products Company
  • Holy Cross Children’s Services/Holy Cross Services
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Lansing
  • Home Electronics
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • Horizon Bank
  • Housing Services for Eaton County
  • HR Collaborative
  • HRU Technical Resources
  • HTA Companies Inc.
  • Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc
  • I.O. Express Inc.
  • i2Integration
  • IGT (formerly GTech)
  • IMPCO Machine Tools
  • Incompass Michigan (formerly MARO)
  • Ingham County
  • Ingham Medical Care Facility
  • Initial Brands Incorporated
  • International Market One
  • Inverve Marketing & Web
  • Ionetix Corporation
  • IRS Small Business Self-Employed
  • J&L Restoration & Cleaning Inc.
  • J America
  • Jackson (formerly Jackson National Life)
  • Janest Morway Trucking and Logistics
  • JB Construction
  • JC Electric
  • Jill’s Movers
  • Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)
  • Journal Broadcast Group WSYM Fox 47
  • JWR Enterprises LLC
  • KP Auto Body
  • Katranji Hand Center
  • Kim Hart Homecare LLC
  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive
  • Konnech
  • Koppers Railroad Structures
  • Kroger (Okemos)
  • Kroger Grocery Store (West Saginaw)
  • Kroger Holt
  • Kroger Store 890 (East Lansing)
  • Kroger, Holmes Road
  • K’s Precious Care/KS Precious Care
  • KTM Industries Inc.
  • Kunz, Leigh And Associates
  • Kurt’s Appliance Center
  • L.O. Eyecare
  • LaFontaine Ford
  • Lansing Art Gallery
  • Lansing Board of Water & Light
  • Lansing Car Care Center
  • Lansing Community College
  • Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)
  • Lansing Housing Commission
  • Lansing Institute of Behavioral Medicine
  • Lansing Lugnuts
  • Lansing Pediatric Associates
  • Lansing Real Green Lawncare
  • Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Lansing Tile & Mosaic
  • Lansing Urgent Care
  • Lectronix
  • Lee’s Excavating
  • Leisure Living Grace Haven
  • Leo Cancer Care
  • Liquid Web
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Loc Performance
  • Locum Care
  • Lores Trucking
  • Lothamer
  • Loud Sirens Inc. dba Firehouse Subs
  • LR Management
  • Luxury Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning
  • M&M Moving and Storage
  • M.C. Molds Inc.
  • M.L. Chartier
  • MacDonald Broadcasting
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Magna/DexSys
  • MAHLE Engine Components USA
  • Marshalls Dept. Store (Okemos)
  • Maru Hospitality Group
  • Mary Free Bed
  • Mason Christian Childcare (Mason First United)
  • Master Mowing LLC
  • Matrix Consulting Engineers Inc.
  • Mayotte Group Architects
  • McKesson Corporation
  • McLaren Greater Lansing
  • McPhee Electric & Telecommunications
  • MDOT (MI Dept of Transportation)
  • Medawar Jewelers
  • Medilodge of Capital Area
  • Meijer (Capital City Market)
  • Meijer Store W. Saginaw
  • Meraki Spa & Wellness
  • Meridian Charter Township
  • Meridian Magnesium Products of America Inc.
  • Meridian Screen Printing & Embroidery
  • MessageMakers
  • Metro One LPSG/Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group
  • MI Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Michael’s Plumbing
  • Michigan Agricultural Commodities Inc.
  • Michigan Air National Guard
  • Michigan Conference United Church of Christ
  • Michigan Credit Union League & Affilates
  • Michigan Crossroads Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Michigan Dyslexia Institute
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Michigan Energy Options
  • Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association
  • Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
  • Michigan Milk Producers Association
  • Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association
  • Michigan Orthopedic Center
  • Michigan Society of Association Executives
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan State University Extension
  • Michigan State University/IMPART Alliance
  • Michigan Supreme Court
  • Michigan Therapeutic Consultants, PC
  • Michigan Veneer Ltd.
  • Midas (Okemos)
  • Midway Die
  • Midwest Press and Automation
  • MMI Engineered Solutions
  • MMR Mobile Medical Response
  • Modern Metal Processing Inc.
  • Moebius Technologies
  • Molded Plastics Industries
  • Molly Maid
  • Money Attorneys
  • Morley Companies
  • Mouthpiece Communications
  • MSUFCU (MSU Federal Credit Union)
  • Municipal Employees’ Retirement System (MERS)
  • Munters Aerotech
  • Murphy Family Dentistry
  • MWC/Glanbia Nutritionals
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Michigan)
  • National Composites
  • National Home Care Services
  • Natural Capital Forestry
  • Neogen Corporation
  • New York Life Insurance
  • Niles Steel Tank
  • Niowave Inc.
  • Nitrex Inc. – Michigan Operations
  • NonSlip Society LLC DBA Northern District 23
  • Norm Fasteners Co.
  • North Winds Heating & Cooling
  • Northern Concrete Pipe Inc.
  • NuWave Technology Partners
  • NWH Roof and Floor Truss Systems
  • O’Donnell’s Auto & Truck Repair
  • Office Depot Max (Edgewood)
  • O’Leary Paint
  • Olympian Tool LLC
  • Open Arms
  • Opti O2 LLC
  • Optimal Medical Staffing & Home Care
  • Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
  • Origami Brain Injury and Rehabilitation
  • OtterBase Inc.
  • Outshiner Car Wash
  • PAE
  • PAE Plumbing LLC
  • Paint Master Painting
  • Panera Bread (Frandor)
  • Paramount Recruitment Agency/Blue Enterprise
  • Paschal Security
  • Peak Performance Physical Therapy
  • Pearle Vision Dr. Marvin J. Martin
  • Peckham Industries
  • Performance Auto Care (ABSales517LLC)
  • Personnel World
  • Pink Slate
  • Piper & Gold Public Relations
  • Pizza Hut
  • PK Companies/Housing
  • Pollard Banknote
  • Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits/Bean Mgt (MLK Blvd)
  • Popeyes/Bean Mgt (West Saginaw)
  • Potterville Adult Education
  • Pratt & Whitney AutoAir Inc.
  • Precision Prototype & Manufacturing Inc.
  • Premier Thermal (formerly Atmostphere Annealing)
  • Prestige Pines
  • Prestige Way
  • Profile Metal Forming Inc.
  • Proliant Dairy Ingredients
  • Pro-MEC Engineering Inc.
  • Public Sector Consultants
  • PureGreen Lawn & Tree Professionals
  • Qualified Staffing
  • Quality Building Services
  • Quality Dairy
  • QuestX (Formally Quest Software)
  • Rally’s (Metro HNN)
  • RAMPF (formerly Innovative Polymers)
  • Red Cedar Podiatry
  • Red Letter
  • Reflections Hair Design
  • Regency at Lansing West
  • Reliable Aftermarket Parts
  • Residential Options Inc
  • ResourceMFG
  • REV Group/Spartan Fire Chassis
  • Rich’s Residential and Home
  • Care Options
  • Right at Home – East
  • Rite Aid District Manager
  • Roberts Sinto Corporation
  • Romanow Building Service
  • Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan
  • Royal Lawn and Landscape
  • RSDC of Michigan
  • Ryder Integrated Logistics
  • Safe Haven Pet Hotel
  • Safe Health Center
  • Sakaiya Company of America, Ltd.
  • Saylor-Beall Manufacturing Company
  • SC Environmental
  • Schram Auto Parts; U-Pull & Save
  • Schultz Inc./1800 Pit Clean
  • Schwans Food Company
  • Securitas USA
  • Sergent Results Group
  • Service Master
  • Sheridan Books Inc.
  • Shinwon USA
  • Shrontz Trucking
  • Simon Brothers Inc
  • SK & Properties
  • Sliding Systems
  • Small Business Association of Michigan
  • Small Talk Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Smiles of Michigan
  • SMS Group of Companies
  • Snyder’s Auto Care
  • SodexoMAGIC
  • Sparrow Health System
  • Spartan Dental Lab
  • Spartan Precision Machining
  • Speedway SuperAmerica LLC
  • Spicer Group
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • St. Moritz Security
  • St. Vincent Catholic Charities
  • Stahl and Sons
  • State of Michigan
  • Staybridge Suites
  • Steritech Rentokil North America
  • Stokosa Prosthetic Clinic
  • StreamlineHR Services LLC
  • Suburban Inns/HIH Incorporated
  • Sunrise Cleaning & Construction Services
  • Sunrise SRL Seed Company
  • Sunset Food Market
  • Superior Satellite
  • Swift Motors & Swift Towing
  • SWRT Solutions (Soil Water Retention Technology)
  • TIC International
  • T.J. Maxx (West Lansing)
  • Tazmanian Tire, KJB Ventures
  • Teachout Security
  • TechSmith Corporation
  • Tecomet
  • Tekwissen
  • Telamon Corportion
  • Texas Roadhouse (S. Lansing)
  • The Brook of Portland
  • The Business Law Group
  • The Martin-Brower Company
  • The Shyft Group
  • Tina S. Gray, PC
  • Total Security LLC
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott/North Mich Hospitality Mgt
  • Transdev
  • Tri Fitness
  • Triangle Exteriors
  • Trick Titanium/Scitex
  • Tri-County Office on Aging
  • Trilogy Health Services
  • Tri-Star Trust Bank
  • Triterra
  • Trouble Shooters Technical Support
  • Trumble Builders/LJ Trumble Builders
  • U.S. Dept of Agriculture Wildlife Services
  • UFP Industries (formerly Universal Forest Products)
  • Unified Screening & Crushing
  • United Fire Protection
  • United Freedom Painting LLC
  • United Rentals
  • United Training (dba New Horizons Computer Learning Center)
  • UPS Store #0811 East Lansing
  • UrbanBeat Event Center Inc.
  • Value Engineering
  • Venture HR LLC
  • VFW St. Johns
  • Victor Township
  • Victory Heating and Cooling
  • Vista Springs Timber Ridge
  • Volunteers of America (Saginaw Hwy.)
  • Volunteers of America Michigan Store
  • Walgreen’s (Waverly & Saginaw)
  • Waverly Community Schools
  • Wells Brooke
  • WestRock
  • Wilbur-Ellis
  • Willow Creek Farms Trucking LLC
  • WILX – News 10
  • Wind Beneath Your Wings
  • WIS International
  • WLNS
  • Women’s Center of Greater Lansing
  • Woodbridge Group
  • Young Bros. & Daley
  • Zenfreed LLC
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Financial Summary FOR YEAR ENDED 6/30/21

ADULT $ 1,046,182 13.9%
YOUTH $ 1,081,338 14.4%
GOING PRO TALENT FUNDS (formerly Skilled Trades Training Funds) $ 239,707 3.2%
$ 328,075 4.4%
$ 53,110 0.7%
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